Windshield Replacement San Diego

So your car has developed the dreaded and horrifying crack across the low cost auto glass  cg1. The thought of having to empty your wallet for a brand new windshield replacement leaves you hesitant. So you decide “Why not, I’ll just drive on it a bit longer, it doesn’t seem to be coming apart yet”.

Having a properly maintained windshield could save your life

Did you know that in the event of a car accident a proper pristine windshield that is uncracked could save your life? If your vehicle is involved in a car accident the airbags can deploy at well over 200mph, if the windshield is cracked or not installed properly it could pop off during the accident. If the front auto glass were to pop off it will greatly increase the potential for more severe injuries or even death.

Did you also know that windshields also help in preventing injuries during roll over accidents? During a roll over accident the front car window and the rear car window can offer up to sixty percent of the overall roof strength? This means that if either car window, the front or the rear are cracked or improperly installed the roof could potentially cave in on the passengers in the vehicle.

Get your auto glass replacement done immediately upon discovery of  a problem

Getting your windshield replacement done immediately is the absolute best way of keeping you and your loved ones safe during an auto collision. Remember, here at carglass1, we keep our prices affordable so that you keep more money in your wallet and drive away with auto glass work that will give you peace of mind. Find Low cost Auto Glass Here everyday!

Windshield Replacement

A Toyota SUV At the Auto Glass Shop. The Vechicle is currently undergoing a Windshield Replacement

Windshield Replacement, Crack, and Safety Tips

  1. If you discover a crack on your auto glass, take it to an windshield technician immediately.
  2. If you discover a small crack, and have a windshield repair performed immediately it will highly decrease the chance that it will spread which can save you a lot of money
  3. If you have a small crack that spreads into a large crack, you will have to receive a windshield replacement.
  4. Cracked Auto glass can compromise the integrity of the vehicle safety mechanisms
  5. A cracked windshield or improperly installed auto glass can pop off during an vehicle collision and increase the chance of bodily injury.
  6. The front windshield and rear windshield can make up to 60% of the vehicles roll-over integrity.


carglass1 strives in providing auto glass services that are done properly and quickly. Our technicians are certified and ready to help in any way possible.


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