Mobile Home Transformations

Homemade Mobile Home

Ride into the tiny hoe revolution. (Photo Credits)

Big vehicles like buses and trailer trucks can be transformed into a tiny home with a bit of imagination, professional help, and a dose of creativity.

There are more and more families and individuals jumping into the bandwagon.

Just like this couple who transformed a school bus into a tiny but very functional abode as shared by the website Domain. AutoGlass Safety Council

“Charmed by the tiny home trend and put off by the rising property market, Julie and Andrew Puckett decided to do something a little different. And so the creative couple from Atlanta bought an old school bus for $US10,000.00 ($13,816) and later transformed it into a cozy mobile home.”

Take a look at the transformed school bus here.

What can be done

His man featured over at ABC News, meantime converted a bus into his new home and traveled 10,000 miles with it. Windshield Wiki

“The 29-year-old adventurer is currently in Florida, where he’s living in his friend’s driveway for the rest of the winter, before he heads back west to look for odd jobs here and there. He added that, he plans on going back to Washington State, where he may rent out his bus as a bed-and-breakfast tiny home.”

See how he transformed the bus into a home here.

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Inhabitat meantime shared a slideshow of eight buses that have been transformed into gorgeous homes.

“Is your dream to travel the open road in a beautiful bus renovation? You’re not alone. Many adventurous DIY-ers have turned their wanderlust fantasy into reality. From a groovy guest home to the ultimate road-tripping machine, we’ve rounded up eight of our favorite bus conversion projects. “

Watch the slideshow here.

Have you ever dreamed of owning a mobile home?