REPUBLIC, Mo. – Several car owners are hoping the insides of their cars don’t get wet after someone threw rocks through their windows and windshields.

Cheap Windshield Replacement San DiegoWe understand that a windshield replacement isn’t always easy on your pocket. Often times a windshield replacement is the result of hitting a rock or some kind of other object while driving on the highway. Other times, your windshield could be damaged by falling branches, hail, or even vandals. As we see above, a neighborhood was recently attacked by a small group of vandals, specifically their windshields were attacked.

As sad as it sounds, this is reality, and as much as we wish that things like this don’t have to happen in our world they tend to anyways. If you have ever been a victim of auto glass vandalism then you must understand that these random acts of vandalism can really damage your car.

We recommend (if possible) that you should keep your vehicle garaged during the night-time to prevent any possible vandalism attempts. If you cannot keep your vehicle garaged than you may want to look into investing in a car-cover which will make it less likely that vandals will target your car due to the extra effort they would have to exert.

Remember, a cheap windshield is a key element in helping to maintain the structural integrity of your vehicle during a collision or accident. Especially in a roll-over collision, a windshield can help to prevent a roof crush and keep the occupants inside the vehicle safe. This is why we here at carglass1 highly recommend that you get your windshield replacement done immediately instead of waiting. You should never have to drive an unsafe vehicle on the road. Check out this page on Carglass1’s Super Mobile Auto Glass Repair San Diego, CA . You can find plenty of additional information on car windows there.



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