The Benefits of Owning a Van


All about vans. (Photo Credits)

Vans are very helpful especially in transporting more than eight people who could not fit a Sport Utility Vehicle, moreso a Sedan.

It is a comfortable way to travel too.

Automobile giant Mercedes Benz unraveled its futuristic van design in its official website. AutoGlass Safety Council        

“The Vision Van is a combination of emotion and intelligence. The design underscores its function as a platform for a fully interconnected logistics concept and renders this concept tangible for the driver. The highly complex technology is stripped down to its fundamentals, thereby making it extremely user-friendly. While the high standards in terms of aesthetics and attractive appearance are never neglected. The Vision Van’s design is hot and cool. As such, it embodies the essential elements of our design philosophy: sensual purity.”

Check it out here.

Awesome Design

The website Pro Healthy Tips meantime featured a futuristic van design with hippies in mind. Windshield Wiki

“Created by Brazilian artist and designer, Eduardo Galvani, this all-terrain minibus is in the concept stage, but it could be a reality for the guy who wants to go green while going through the rugged terrain of nature. Go on and Google his name and you’ll find that this man is something of a conceptual genius. The “Nimbus,” pictured here, is only one of his colorful creations. His all-terrain electric minibus is a concept e-car made for serious energy, and environmentally conscious road warriors who want to go cross country in style.”

Take a look at the van here.

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The website The Mind Circle meantime featured a classic van with a futuristic touch.

“The exciting part of this van is that it maintains the authenticity of the hippy van that we all love and cherish while making sure that is has all of our modern needs in terms of fuel/power as well as things like AC and a powerful engine that will take you all over the world with no carbon footprint to speak of.  This is sure to get heart pumping, I can imagine.  It’s a modern piece of history come back to us at last, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

See the van here.

Vans are indeed a mirror to the future.

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