Tips on Avoiding the Stress of Removing Frost on Car Glass

first frost

Avoiding frost. (Photo Credits)

One of the stressors of car owners during winter is Frost on the windshield. But there are many, many ways to reduce the stress from this. for instance gave a tip on how to avoid frost in the windshield.

“Lift your windshield wipers and place the cloth or cardboard on the windshield. Then use the wipers to hold the material in place. This keeps condensation and frost from getting on your windshield overnight, and it also keeps your wipers from freezing to the glass. Cloth will work for milder cold, but if your area has really frigid temperatures, cardboard is a better bet, and won’t freeze to the glass. Sure, it may not work for everyone or in all cases, but this method saves you money on consumables like vinegar, and is a bit safer for your windshield than pouring warm water on it.”

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Take it to the next level

Two Europeans who own a business in Florida meantime took the cloth tip to a new level as they devised a contraption that could help avoid frost in the windshield altogether.

“The “security pockets” actually are flaps that go inside the car, the locked doors holding the iceShield securely in place. Another innovation they developed was putting a reflective material on the reverse side of the iceShield so it can be used in the summer months as a sun shield to keep a car’s interior shaded and cooler. They also produce the iceShield in five colors and can add a business name or personalized message on the iceShield surface.”

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Some people choose the see what is good and artsy on the frost that is in the windshield during the winter. The website OneBigPhoto.Com for instance featured this picture of what it dubbed “windshield frost art”

Autoglass Safety Take a look at the picture of the windshield here.

So what do you d to rid your windshield of frost during winter?