Tips to Avoid Windshield and Window Fogging

Foggy windows

 Ways to avoid that fog. (Photo Credits)

Foggy car glass are not just annoying, it could also be very dangerous, especially during nighttime.

Tips are abound in the internet about how to go about fogging in your windshield or vehicle window especially during the winter time. for instance shared this video-tip on how to prevent your windshield and car window from fogging up.

“A well-placed pair of socks filled with some kitty litter can absorb moisture and prevent the fog from ever happening. YouTuber DaveHax explains how and why kitty litter can help with your fog problem in this video. He uses silica cat litter because it’s super absorbent, sucks up damp odor, and doesn’t smell like the chalky stuff. Fill one sock with the kitty litter and then wrap the other sock around it all to keep it nice and secure. Now place the sock anywhere you like and some moisture will get absorbed overnight. It probably works best right on top of your dashboard, and it doesn’t hurt to crack and close the windows a little before you head in for the night.”

Check out the video here.

What causes fogging?

AutoGlass Safety Council USA Today tried to explain how fogging takes place. “When the inside windows fog up, Hoppe advises to turn on the defrosters (front and rear) and turn up the heat. The air conditioning comes on automatically when the windshield defroster is turned on in most current vehicles, if not all, and Hoppe said that will dehumidify the air and clear windows faster. Warm air contains more moisture, but Hoppe said it’s the relative humidity that matters, so warm, dry air coming through the defroster will clear the glass faster than cool air. He added that it’s best to use fresh air instead of the recirculation mode because the latter will recycle the moist air that was the cause of the problem.”

Check the rest of the article, plus a video on this here.

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Wiki How meantime gave a simple tip on how to avoid fogging.

“Cut a raw potato in half. Be sure to use a clean potato, so wash it first if it is coated in soil. This is a good opportunity to use up an old potato that has started to sprout and is past its best. Rub the cut part of one half potato on the window. This will clean it and leave a layer that will prevent condensation from forming on the window.”


Check out the rest of the step-by-step instructions here.


So what do you do to keep your car window from fogging?