The Windshield Wiper

Seattle winter coat

All about windshield wipers. (Photo Credits)

Windshield wipers are very important especially when it comes to ensuring the safety of the vehicle’s driver and passengers during severe weather conditions.  AutoGlass Safety Council 

In the winter though, and when a car is not being used, wipers may freeze in the windshield. shared a good way of ensuring this will not happen.

“Never get your windshield wipers frozen stuck to the windshield again.”

Check out the hack here.

No need for it

Some self-driving cars though do not need wipers as shared by “The ultimate goal of an autonomous car is to be, well, fully autonomous. Windshield Wiki 

“A self-driving car wouldn’t require any human input other than specifying a destination. To that end, Google’s self-driving prototype doesn’t have windshield wipers because humans aren’t required to see out of it.”

Read the whole article here.

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And if all cars will be self-driving cars, what will dogs get excited about when riding vehicles? shared this compilation of fun videos of dogs having the time of their lives watching windshield wipers do its job.

“Most dogs love a nice car ride. But when the windshield wipers come on, they must be stopped! Check out this hilarious Dogs vs. Windshield Wipers compilation.”

Watch the videos here.

When was the last time you replaced your wipers?