Any time there is a defect in the glass a consideration of when should you replace your windshield should be evaluated. There is safety, structural, legal, personal and financial reasons to replace a windshield. Any damage to the windshield should be evaluated and repaired immediately after a crack.

Repair verses Replacement

In general, tiny chips and cracks less than six inches can be repaired by injecting a poly resin material into the damage. After drying it is sanded and buffed smooth. The entire process usually takes 30 minutes or less. While some defects are barely perceptible, the repair may be obvious. Depending upon where in the windshield this occurs, replacement may be a better option initially, even for small defects or cracks.

Safety First

There are several safety concerns with driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield. Causing additional physical damage to the vehicle, property or injuring yourself or another is possible when windshield damage obscures clear vision. This can occur when the damaged to the windshield occurs anywhere in the glass. It becomes a larger concern when the damage or cracked extensions extend into the central field of vision.

While windshield glass is designed to be non-shatter glass, it is still possible. If a small defect exists and is struck again by a missile projectile, like a small stone, there is an increased chance the glass will shatter. This could be significantly dangerous at highway speeds.

The windshield lends a structural component to how front air bags function when deployed. The air bags inflate and press against the windshield to cushion impact behind them. If already damaged at the time of a crash, there is increased risk the structural integrity of the windshield can be lost, decreasing the effectiveness of air bag deployment, increasing the risks of injury.



Structural Integrity

The windshield in any vehicle provides a stabilizing structural force for the entire front end of the vehicle. As such, the windshield receives stress pressures from the frame, roof and side panels of the vehicle. Any defect in the windshield glass provides the potential for destabilization of the front end structural strength.

During routine movement of the vehicle, stress is transmitted to the edges of any glass defect extend micro fractures. This further compromises the stability and strength of the windshield. Over time, the weakening and increased damage may occur slowly or progress very quickly.

The Law

It is illegal to drive a vehicle with any obstruction in the windshield. This means that any damage to the windshield glass can be a violation of traffic law. Any crack in the windshield, particularly if it is extending into the central field of vision should be replaced.

Even a fix-it warning ticket may cost $10-$25 to have removed. Imagine the cost of a second ticket in the failure to heed the first warning.

Financial Reasons

Financial reasons can help determine when should you replace your windshield. Many automobile and homeowner insurance policies include coverage for damage to windshields. It should be reported immediately as there may be a limited time frame in which to report the damage. Insurance companies may want to evaluate the option for repair, rather than replacement. A repairable injury may become a replaceable windshield if not addressed in a timely manner.

Consider additional costs if ticketed or if an accident or mishap occurs as a result of the windshield defect. The threat of increasing costs generated from the windshield damage is eliminated by replacement. The buck stops there. Best Auto Glass Replacement Servicess

Personal Reasons

Some people view their vehicle as extensions of themselves, much like living space. Others simply see a vehicle as a means to get from one place to another. Driving a vehicle with a damaged windshield is a statement about the personality of the vehicle owner. It is an indication of self-esteem and respect, attention to safety and self-protection, personal grooming and of a basic priority system. Get a car window repair from carglass1.

There are many facets to consider when your windshield is damaged. Before it becomes a legal issue, before financial costs grow, before the structural integrity of the vehicle is compromised and before safe operation of the vehicle is jeopardized. Immediately after the damage happens is a reasonable answer to when you should replace your windshield. Read the Carglass1 Local Blog here

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