The importance of regularly replacing windshield wipers


Regularly replace them. (Photo Credits)

Windshield wipers are very important in ensuring a safe drive during the rainy and snowy weather.

Wipers, like any other car part or accessory are also subject to wear and tear and would need to be regularly replaced? But how does a vehicle owner know when it is time to replace his windshield wipers?

The Journal says it should be replace at least twice a year.

“IT IS RECOMMENDED that you replace your wiper blades every six months to a year. However, they should be replaced once the blades start squeaking, streaking or scratching or if the rubber feels dry, hard or cracked. Worn wiper blades not only hamper visibility in heavy downpours but are also a common point of failure on the NCT, so it pays to change them.”

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Replacing windshield wiper blades

Apart from remembering when to replace wiper blades, choosing what to replace it with could also be tricky. Top Gear Philippines laid out some options in one of its posts. AutoGlass Safety Council     

“A recent innovation, the frameless beam-type or banana-type wiper, as pioneered by manufacturers like Bosch, uses a springy rubber arm that provides more even pressure across the entire blade than a spring-loaded tree. Along with a durable silicone blade, these give a very even wipe and last much longer than a traditional wiper. Be warned, however, that cheaper brands often use softer arms, which can flap at speed. And no-name knock-offs sometimes come with brittle plastic adapters, which can break and cause the entire blade to fly off on the highway. Otherwise, beam-type wipers are a great upgrade, with their sleek, aerodynamic looks and superior wiping action.”

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WKYC meantime gave a lowdown on how to replace wipers.

“A major difference with these alternative styles is that you replace the entire wiper — arguably that’s a do-it-yourself project, but some styles are very difficult to deal with. The simplest types require just a pinch to release, or they may have a very visible button. Trickier systems may hide their release tab. Don’t sweat it; your mechanic can handle this for you, or national auto parts store chains are usually happy to send someone out to the parking lot to help install your newly purchased blades.”

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Replacing wiper blades should be done on a regular basis to ensure driving safety.

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