When to get a windshield replacement

You need to get a carglass1 windshield replacement as soon as you notice a crack on your windshield. If the chip or crack is small enough then you can get the windshield chip repaired before it has to be repaired. So, as soon as you discover a chip or crack in your auto glass you need to bring it into your local auto glass expert so that it can be evaluated and repaired.

A windshield help the structural integrity of your vehicle.

Broken Windshield - Canon AE-1

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A windshield is a key factor during a rollover collision. If you ever are involved in a rollover collision, your cheap windshield acts as an additional support to prevent the roof of the vehicle from caving in on top of you. Therefore, a cracked windshield is very dangerous because a cracked windshield in an accident will more than likely shatter because it has already been significantly weakened. If you are looking for a good place to get your windshield repaired then consider carglass1.

What is Carglass1 of San Diego?

Carglass1 is the premiere windshield replacement and windshield repair company based in San Diego California. We can repair anything related or dealing with auto glass. Auto glass of San Diego is the leading repair shop for anything having to do with windshields or auto glass. Our technicians are here every day of the week and can get your windshield repaired or replaced quickly so that you experience less down time.

Why choose carglass1?

Carglass1 has the widest selection of auto glass, from aftermarket to oem, we carry windshields for all vehicle makes and models. We also carry auto glass for semi-trucks, trailers, and custom vehicles. It doesn’t matter what kind of auto glass service you need, if it has to do with auto glass then we are your best bet.

Remember to get a repair as soon as you discover a crack

Remember, as soon as you discover a crack on your windshield you should consider getting your auto glass repaired or replaced. By repairing a crack or chip before it has a chance to spread you will be able to save a lot more money. Because if you allow a small chip or crack to spread then it will become a large crack that is not repairable. So remember, get any chips or cracks repaired immediately at our san diego location. Find a windshield repair cg1 here location here.


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