Windshield Replacement with hammer

Main Reasons for a Replacement

There are a few main reasons as to why you would need a windshield replacement. Typically, if you are researching this then it means that your car glass is chipped, cracked, smashed, or missing.

The first reason is if you have a chip. A chip can typically be repaired by bringing your car into an carglass1 and having them perform a windshield repair. A repair is done by attaching an adhesive to the chip area. The adhesive then flows into the micro cracks of the chip and fills it. This process strengthens the crack area in the hopes that any potential further cracking will be mitigated or completely gone. However, if a chip is too large to be repaired then you are left with no other choice then to have a windshield replacement done on your car. Replacing your auto glass can be more expensive than a chip repair but there are no other options so you must have it done.

If your glass is cracked in a line fashion either up and down or side to side then you really only have one option, auto glass replacement. This is unfortunate, but you have no other options to go on, a windshield repair is not going to work here because the crack is far too large.

If your glass is smashed then the only option that you have is a rather obvious one, a windshield replacement. Remember to remove all of the glass from inside of the vehicle before you drive it to the carglass1. You don’t want to get cut by any stray shards of glass while on your way to getting it replaced.

If you are missing a front glass for your car, then you definitely need a new one. There are different options that you can choice when purchasing a new front auto glass. You can purchase either an aftermarket brand or an original equipment manufacturer brand which is typically a little higher in price but sturdier. Get the local carglass1 windshield replacement san diego here today for a low price.

Get a replacement done when your windshield is:

  1. Cracked
  2. Smashed
  3. Chipped beyond repair
  4. Missing

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