Learn why its important to repair or replace your windshield immediately after discovering damage

Carglass1 Auto Glass TechniciansLike any other part of a vehicle, windshield glass also tends to deteriorate with the passage of time, and sometimes the reason of deterioration is more accidental in nature. Cracks start appearing, serving as the biggest indicators of a necessary auto glass replacement or windshield repair. Coming from the driver’s safety book, it is never a good idea to take these signs easy. Drivers must know when it is due time for them to change or have a windshield repair. There are a few signs that can indicate the need to bring you car into Carglass1 Windshield Replacement San Diego for a repair. We are open 7 days a week, here to help you with all your auto glass needs.

A warning about broken or cracked auto glass

A minor cracked windshield is pretty much all the warning that there is for drivers. It can crack at any time and it would not require an accident. Yes, it has been reported that windshield glass just shatters courtesy speedy winds. Driving at over 100 miles on a highway can break windshield glass if it is already cracked as the cracks temper with the aerodynamics of the windshield making it more air resistance rather than supporting flow of air above and around it. Auto glass repair becomes a priority task as soon as first crack appears on the glass.

A Line of Defense, your windshield and car windows help keep you safe

30% of car weight is born by windshield in situations that demand it to. When a car flips over or faces a sharp impact from an accident, the windshield is able to stand 30% of the force coming from momentum in case of accident and weight from flipping over. A fit windshield provides support to pillars and roof of vehicle giving just enough time for the passengers to safely evacuate. Cracked windshield compromises these chances and hence should be immediately replaced, or at least auto glass repair needs to be done.

Windshield Replacement versus Auto Glass Repair, what should you get for your car?

It is an agreeable fact that auto glass replacement altogether is an expensive option to go with; on the contrary, simply repairing the windshield takes far less money and hence is a better option in case there is still some strength in the windshield as a whole. Click here to see our blog page

Temperature can cause windshield chips and cracks to lengthen, unless they are repaired

Temperature has everything to do with the performance and life of a windshield. Both extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures in a state for instance San Diego, take their toll on the vehicle windshield glass. It has been tested that when temperatures fall below freezing point, they crack. Minus ten degree Celsius is the threshold temperature for most windshields. Likewise, heat of San Diego causes expansion in the glass of windshield, which is a no brainer, at the same time chilling of air conditioner from the inside of the vehicle countered by the heat of sun on the outside cracks windshield in no time.

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Extreme weather conditions like excessive rain also takes away life of a normal windshield and eventually it begins to show leaks and seeps. This is a pretty harmless situation but proves to be an excellent indication of need to replace or repair windshield before it gets poorer in condition. Windshield Replacement should become imminent as soon as the driver sees these signs.

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