After a long day’s work, employees robotically head to the parking lot to retrieve their cars and drive home. Same goes for parents, whom after a tiresome grocery shopping with the kids, return to the parking lot loading up one by one all the bags containing grocery items and other stuff they may have bought.

For most people, retrieving their cars from the parking lot is routine, much like an involuntary muscle doing its work without the prodding. One thing that could break this pattern is finding a note in the windshield.

While most of the time notes left on windshields are product brochures or real estate listings, sometimes drivers stumble upon personal notes intended for them.

For instance, featured an unusually touching note clipped unto the windshield of a car whose batteries are drained as the headlights have been left on by its owner.

“The story has blown up in a big way on Reddit, with over 1,500 comments. It’s a reminder and example that a simple gesture of kindness can have a big impact.”

Read the whole story here.

But not all notes that can be found on windshields are heaven-sent letters addressed to the car owners. It could also be expressions of frustrations towards them by their fellow car park occupants. rounded up more than two dozen passive aggressive auto glass notes left for the car owners to read.

“Forget polite notes, these drivers are ANGRY.”

Read it here.

But what if instead of a note, you saw a hundred dollar bill? warns, you should not get the money because it is a carjacking bait which has happened in Las Vegas and in Maryland.

“When you get out of your car to retrieve your gift, there is a scammer waiting around the area and rushes into the driver seat of your car. You are left without a car, and who knows if you’ll still have that $100 bill.”

Read the story here.

But if you find your windshield smashed when you return to the parking lot, think before freaking out. Did you leave any valuables inside that may merit smashing? This woman featured in smashed a car’s windshield to rescue what the car owner values most:

Watch the video.

So the next time you go back to the parking lot to retrieve your car, look at your windshield repair . You might just get a note.


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