The Best Windshield Crack And Chip Repair In San Diego

Windshield Crack Repair San DiegoThe windshield is not just a window to see through when navigating a vehicle. It is structurally important in creating and maintaining the aerodynamic pressure gradients stable as a vehicle moves forward. It is the major front end stabilizer for the structural integrity of the front end of the vehicle as well. It is also a barrier to prevent injury from airborne projectiles in the environment. The windshield provides many important functions.

A Windshield Crack Will Get Worse If You Don’t Repair It

Any defect in the glass integrity of the windshield will expand. No matter how small of the initial injury, the recurrent vibrations of normal vehicle use will continuously stress the edges of the glass injury encouraging expansion. Vertical, horizontal and diagonal stress to a crack stresses the fractured glass with every movement of the vehicle.

A Windshield Chip That Is Not Repaired Will Lengthen

Ongoing expansion of an initial windshield chip if not repaired can be slow or abrupt. The direction of damage may extend visual defects laterally, away from central view, but may just as likely progress into field of vision quickly, partially obscuring vision while driving.

Most states have laws making any imperfection in the windshield glass a violation of the law and a ticketable offense. After repairing the damage, it will cost an additional $10-$25.00 to have the fix-it ticket released. Failure to perform the ticketed repair will cost considerably more the second time, often the amount of repair without insurance.
May Be Covered

Windshield glass repair or replacement is often included in automobile insurance, even less expensive policies. Some policies may require reporting within a specific time frame making this one more reason why you should have your windshield repaired immediately after a crack appears.

Windshield Chip Repair San DiegoReasons To Have Your Windshield Repair For That Crack Or Chip Done Today

Dangerous Obstruction

Any windshield crack in any location on the windshield can pose a potential danger.  Operating a motor vehicle with a clear view through the windshield is necessary for safe driving. As the damaged area increases, the visual defect and consequently the risk increases.

Easier To Fix Sooner

Repairing a small chip in the windshield immediately may allow local repair of the damage. Poly resin treatment when the crack is small can repair the damage without windshield replacement.

Less Expensive Fix Sooner

Repairing a small windshield crack immediately may allow local, less expensive repair of the damage. Keep in mind the cost will significantly increase if issued a citation for driving with a damaged windshield.

Increased Accident Injury Potential

The strength of the windshield is an integral part of the protective mechanism from front end air bags. When air bags deploy in response to an accident, the front end of the air bag depends on the intact windshield for support to cushion forward. Should the windshield have predisposing damage, the airbag may not be able to rely on structural integrity. This can result in additionally severe injuries as a result of the accident.

Many Reasons to have your windshield chip or crack repaired immediately

There are financial, safety and cosmetic reasons why to have your windshield chip repaired immediately after a chip.  There are no valid reasons to delay. One phone call can prevent further damage, more costly repairs and avoid unsafe driving.

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